Hugh McKenzie

Hugh McKenzie (Zaagiidgeaway Gabo) is an Ojibway artist from Lake Temagami. His prints are images conveying spiritual meaning, animals and birds. Hugh was born on Bear Island, Lake Temagami. He says growing up on the family trap-line was the early inspiration for his interest in the land and nature. In 1967 Hugh went to work and live with his friend and fellow artist Benjamin Chee Chee in Hull Quebec. Together they produced work and sold it to the Canadian Indian Marketing Services. They did several art shows in Ottawa and Chee Chee produced a mural for Expo 67 that became well-known. Chee Chee died in 1976. Hugh continued to carry on his art, perfecting the sponge and stencil technique first developed by himself and Chee Chee earlier. David John Smith became Hugh’s first agent arranging tours and shows across Canada. Eventually Hugh returned to live and work on Bear Island. He is fully occupied with painting, music and designs for several Canadian companies. He also displays his work locally at his studio on Bear Island and at Temagami Welcome Gallery. In 2009 he completed a series of designs for the 2010 Olympics with traditional Native teachings. He also offers classes.  He is currently taking Aboriginal Wellness studies at Canadore College.

Birds in Flight
Acrylic on Paper
approx. 30" x 20"

Acrylic on Hide
13.25" dimater