Gelineau Fisher

Gelineau Fisher (1951 – 2015) was an Ojibwe artist from the Longlac First Nation.  Gelineau's work was executed in the traditional woodland style and was influenced by his best friend Roy Thomas.  Gelineau was known for his loons, and his work on birch bark, baskets, paddles, paper and canvas.  He carried strength to further his art, teachings and storytelling and was seen as an elder whose work is a crucial link in the Spirit of Woodland Art.  As a professional painter since a young age, he was respected by many and was taught in the Ancestorial Way of the Anishinabe.  Gelineau was featured in the acclaimed film “Woodland Spirits” where he is visited by Moses Beaver in his studio in the bush.  His work can be found in private collections across Canada.

Acrylic on Birch Bark
9" x 13"