Dick Ferrier

Richard “Dick” Ferrier was a painter and commercial artist who was born in Oshawa, Ontario in 1929 and worked in Toronto.  He studied at the Ontario College of Art, Toronto (1950 -1953), and worked as a commercial artist in Toronto until 1970, when he began painting full time.  His mediums are oil and acrylic.  His subject is the Canadian landscape; mountains, rivers, prairies, lakes, etc.  His style is representational, realist, naturalist and modernist.  Most of his paintings use composition, colour, light and draughtsman ship to convey the feeling of the place, rather than an accurate depiction of its outward appearance. Examples of this are seen in many of his Alberta paintings.  Richard “Dick” Ferrier passed away in 2002.

Bell Rapids, ON
Oil on Board
16" x 20"

Halls Lake
Acrylic on Board
  12" x 15"