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joshJosh Kakegamic

Born in 1952 in Sandy Lake, Josh Kakegamic enjoyed early and extensive contact with brother-in-law Norval Morrisseau and with Carl Ray.  Josh Kakegamic studied with Ray and Morrisseau during their tour of northern reserves.  Josh Kakegamic had his first group show in 1969 and presented a solo workshop at Fanshawe College.  In 1973 Josh Kakegamic and his brothers Goyce and Henry started the Triple K Co-operative, a silkscreen operation based in Red Lake.  By 1975 Josh Kakegamic was being shown at Aggregation Gallery in Toronto, which still handled Rayís work.  While Josh Kakegamicís predecessors invented and refined the pictographic style, Josh Kakegamic was weaned on it, and rapidly perfected the vocabulary.  He was a painter of technical virtuosity and an innovator in the field of Indian print production.  Josh Kakegamic died tragically in 1993 while on a rescue mission.







1 Warrior








Title: Warrior
Painted: 1975
Medium: Acrylic on kraft paper
Size: 32" x 48"
Price: $5,250 CDN














Title: Wolf
Painted: 1980
Medium: Acrylic on canvas board
Size: 18" x 24"
Price: $2250 CDN







Sacred Fish

Title: Sacred Fish
Painted: circa 1982
Medium: Acrylic on kraft paper
Size: 20" x 30"
Price: $1950 CDN